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Originating from the traditions and lifestyles of America's East Coast, Gant is a truly international lifestyle brand.

The Gant collections are sold in over 300 Gant stores as well as in over 4,000 selected retailers in over 70 countries. In 2006, Gant Brand Sales amounted to MSEK 6,200.

In 1949, the Bernard Gant family launched their first clothes collection in the US under the trademark Gant. In 1980, three Swedish entrepreneurs received the rights to design and market a proprietary Gant collection in Sweden. In pace with their Swedish success, the rights were extended further to cover the sale of products in other markets around the world.

Following extensive international expansion, the Swedish entrepreneurs jointly owned company acquired the global rights to the Gant brand in 1999.

In March 2006 Gant Company AB was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


Our success is closely related to the design of our products. In the brand equity building process, a focused design strategy is therefore of the utmost importance. Consequently, the Gant design team has always had a key role in our operations.

The basic principles of the Gant collections are carefully outlined; distinguishing factors are leisure time, relaxation, and color. Ultimately, the Gant feeling is uplifting, optimistic, independent, and free spirited.

Licensing is very restrictive. We only license product categories close to our core business, but principally not within the core business itself, apparel. Full brand control, including all marketing material, is a prerequisite for entering into a new license agreement.

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Gant USA Corp

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