Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is now in its third generation. Shoes remain Ferragamo's core business and the creative engine of its entire production. High quality is ensured by the attention given to model construction and the strong manual component that characterizes the production cycle. Above all, the company continues to pursue the legacy of anatomical studies made by the company's founder Salvatore Ferragamo. In the early 1920's, with the creation of nearly 100 sizes for each model, Ferragamo exhibited his original vision of made-to-measure production. With that in mind, each new collection introduces shoes that make the wearer feel comfortable and confident.


Salvatore Ferragamo dedicated his life to the search for a secret: the shoe that fits well. When he began studying human anatomy in the United States he found his first clue to the problem, in the distribution of the body's weight over the joints of the foot. "I discovered- he wrote that the weight of our bodies when we are standing erect drops straight down on the arch of the foot. I constructed my revolutionary lasts, which supporting the arch, make the foot act like an inverted pendulum".

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Salvatore Ferragamo

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