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what we do

providing sustainable growth

Resourcebank is a leading provider of outsourced recruitment solutions. We work in collaboration with some of the UK's best known companies developing long-term partnerships, providing them with cost effective, tailored solutions to resourcing challenges.

"Finding the best people, matching and retaining the best people for our clients is what we do - and because it's what we do all day, every day, we do it very well indeed.  Our clients gain more freedom to focus on other key priorities for their business. It frees them to use their time where it really counts". Richard Pearson, Managing Director.

We work in close partnership with UK and European businesses to attract, retain and develop their most important assets. Our role is as 'recruitment guardians' and we devise recruitment solutions which are applicable on any scale - from 12 to 1200 appointments.

So collaborative is the process that ResourceBank clients often refer to it as 'insourcing' not 'outsourcing' as we seek to enhance our clients' brand reputation throughout the high profile recruitment process.

why ResourceBank?

Recruitment costs reduce dramatically as savings increase due to better retention rates; a faster recruitment process and less downtime.

80% of positions are filled within six weeks, 90% within eight weeks.

A low risk strategy as our fixed costs per head allow for visible ROI and full transparency.

Average retention rates for most companies is 15-30%. ResourceBank clients enjoy a far higher average retention of 60%.

how we do it

Outsourcing is much more than a cost saving mechanism. Smart decision-makers know that it is an indispensable business tool which also drives business value on a sustainable basis. More than a provider, Resourcebank is a dynamic partner who will help your company achieve higher performance as well as reducing annual recruitment costs.

With the broadest outsourced solutions in the market, Resourcebank is unmatched in scope, scale and depth. We provide bespoke campaigns, using innovative systems and cutting edge processes designed to deliver more successful results, faster and more cost effectively than anyone else.

Recruitment solutions devised by ResourceBank are applicable on any scale - from fully outsourced resourcing centres to smaller discrete recruitment projects. Services include:

Macro Resourcing Centres These are designed to assess director and management level candidates across a range of functions. There are four tests in this series including Verbal Application, Verbal Analysis, Numerical Reasoning and Numerical Analysis.

Micro Resourcing Centres Tailored projects for specific departments or large institutions or for smaller companies - 12+ appointments per annum

In-depth search & Selection for senior individuals or by specific skill eg. Graduate recruitment, engineering, sales, design, merchandising etc,.

Consultancy feasibility, planning and management studies

Assessment Centre Design ongoing assessment testing within outsourced centres or as an integral part of the pre-screening process

Processing a centralised Resourcebank database of up-to-the-minute candidate information; plus a 360° administration and candidate processing service

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Resource Bank Recruitment Limited

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