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Snowdon Tate is an independent consultancy specialising in Executive Search and Selection. We approach high-level recruitment from a different perspective - that of aiming to make a difference.

Although the process of senior recruitment is not complicated, a successful outcome can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Our commitment is that we will seek to make a difference by challenging the ways that things are done and striving constantly to improve them so that our clients and candidates can experience a recruitment solution that works for them.

We believe that we can make a difference in several ways:
In initial briefing discussions - we can work with clients early in the process to refine the requirements in the brief and discuss relevant market issues - saving time and increasing efficiency.
In thinking about the recruitment process - we are highly disciplined but also very flexible and innovative. If there is a better, faster or more cost effective way of achieving a successful outcome we will discuss it with you.
In candidate identification - creative thinking around where candidates may be found and which skills might be transferrable can help open up new pools of talent.
In offering genuine choice in a shortlist - not just a list of identical candidates.
In treating candidates well - so that every candidate is left with a positive impression of our clients and ourselves.
In making promises - we set out clear, simple commitments to clients and candidates and stand by them.
In having a passion for doing things better - we actively seek feedback from both candidates and clients.

How we work
At Snowdon Tate we believe that effective recruitment can only be achieved where empathy exists between us and you. Discover how we work with you

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Snowdon Tate Limited

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