Spiegel, Inc.

Spiegel mailed its first catalog to women across America in 1905, and just twenty years later, the fashion and furniture retailer had 10 million customers. As their desire grew for the latest fashions, Spiegel sent buyers to the Paris fashion shows-the first catalog to bring European trends to American homes. By the late 1970s, millions of women began their steps up in the corporate ladder and Spiegel changed to meet their needs. Needs Spiegel is still meeting 100 years later.

Today, Spiegel has emerged as the idea resource for women who know that Spiegel means style. Tips from experts, celebrity stylists, and up-and-coming designers mingle with collections of versatile, unique apparel and functional, fashionable home products. Just as the American woman changed over Spiegel's long history, so have we. But our commitment to filling her needs and wants, her dreams and desires, will never change.

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Spiegel, Inc.

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